The Fusebox recently announced that Kelly Hukin has joined the growing team as ILM accredited Sales Coach, focusing on business-to-business sales coaching for its tech clients. Kelly brings a wealth of experience to The Fusebox, having spent over a decade training and coaching individuals employed in the ever-changing and increasingly regulated Financial Services industry. Kelly’s roles have taken her the length and breadth of the UK and into Europe, all the while being based in her favourite part of the world, Yorkshire.

Having spent many years in large financial service-based organisations, Kelly is overjoyed to be picked as a part of The Fusebox sales coaching team. The team will instantly benefit from Kelly’s accredited coaching status and in-depth understanding of the largest buyer of tech in the business to business environment. Kelly comments:

I am thrilled to be working with The Fusebox. The decision to leave an industry that I’ve enjoyed working in for 20 years was made so easy for me once I had discovered what an innovative, forward thinking and progressive company I would be joining. One thing we all have in common is an insatiable enthusiasm for sales and coaching. I found every member of the team is passionate about understanding what makes people tick, how to sell differently and creativity. With a portfolio of new products and services planned, I feel lucky to be a part of The Fusebox team.

Lillian Ayala, Chief BUYonomist and Innovation Leader of The Fusebox said “Kelly’s experience in Financial Services will be invaluable to our clients’ understanding of how to conduct better engagements and create more equitable relationships with Financial Services organisations.”

Charles Heaton, Chief BUYonomist and Client Success Leader comments “What attracted us to Kelly was not only her extensive background in B2B Sales Coaching but also that she uses GROW to guide her sales coaching. This is the foundation of The Fusebox’s sales coaching practice which means she has been able to offer immediate value to existing clients.”

About The Fusebox
The Fusebox is a sales consultancy specialising in the IT industry. We power our tech clients to sell more, profitably.

We believe passionately in buyer-driven sales – in the need to stop selling, to stop pushing product and begin facilitating the buying process.

For 20 years The Fusebox team has worked with tech clients to tackle their complex sales challenges and create both strategic and pragmatic sales programmes that deliver outcomes. We work together to innovate, to differentiate, to stay ahead of the market, to identify opportunities which no one else has seen and to capitalise on them. We push, we pull, we do the impossible, we create paths to success which are never obvious but always rewarding.

The result:  We create compound value for our clients and their clients.

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