A sales negativity loop is when you are experiencing poor sales performance and begin to have negative self-appraisals which in turn lead to a loss of confidence in your abilities.  This loss of confidence activates some social anxiety behaviours that negatively impact the interaction with your Buyers.  Your Buyers are then reluctant to engage. And on and on it goes.

So, how do we stop this sales negativity loop?  You can read more about it in detail in, Are you in a Glengarry Glenross sales world?

If you want a quick and highly effective tip on how to stop the loop, watch this short video by my colleague Charles Heaton on SMART Goaling. You’ve more than likely heard of SMART goals but are you using them as a way to regain control of your everyday sales environment?

And if you really want to stop or prevent the sales negativity loop altogether, check-out our ebook Value Creator. It’s a practical, hands-on guide on how to use sales planning to shift how your Buyer perceives you, and build self-confidence through value creation.

You can access it via the link in the comments.

The Sales Negativity loop diagram