A sales consultancy specialising in the IT industry, we work with tech businesses striving to challenge the gorillas in their space. Share your business goals with us and we will design – and deliver – fast-paced and innovative sales programmes that generate short term results and build more permanent business value.

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Our credentials

For over 20 years we have been privileged to work with some of the most forward thinking sales leaders in the IT industry – together, we have challenged the status quo to find a better way of building value for their clients. 

Here’s a flavour of the company we’ve kept:

Have a read through a selection of case studies

IBM Business Sector Manager (Hardware):
“The Fusebox programme and the frameworks and tools it introduces are invaluable. I would encourage anyone in the business to use them… The proof is in the pudding; to win back a £4 million account in today’s market is a really fantastic achievement”

IBM Business Sector Manager (Hardware),

Account Manager (Education):
BUYERnomics and BUYonomist.com we were able to take a dormant account from £0 to £210k in a quarter”

Business Development Manager (Storage):
“Since January my average deal size has tripled”

Account Manager (Housing Associations):
“160% increase in sales engagements, compared to this time last quarter”

Account Manager (Charities):
“My new sales engagement approach using
BUYERnomics and asking better questions has helped me to be more strategic in my thinking and as a result has put me in front of the new CIO at a major client site”

Account Manager (Security):
“Figure-wise we had some great growth: we grew by 146% revenue and margin was up 136%”

Business Development (Financial Services):
“I was better prepared for the meeting, more structured, and was able to make more of the time we had. I crammed 30 days into a 1-hour meeting. More importantly, I was able to change the dialogue”

Business Development (Financial Services):
“Within three weeks of first coaching session, an account manager closes a deal worth £480k which had been in the pipeline for two years”

Our services

Clients can engage with us in a variety of ways. From short term impactful interventions, to managed services or comprehensive tailored programmes to tackle strategic sales challenges.

Sales Planning

Sales Process

Sales Performance


Our BUYERnomics™ framework drives everything we do. It shifts the focus from selling to facilitating the buying process. It enables the next generation sales professional to sell without selling; to engage with their buyer and to facilitate the buying process quickly and effectively.


The Team

Meet the team obsessive about delivering outcomes, developing talent and building compound value.

Lillian Ayala
Lillian AyalaSales Innovation
Charles Heaton
Charles HeatonClient Success
Liz Hines
Liz HinesSales Talent Development

Thinking & Doing

All the latest from The Fusebox team.

Top 20 books that changed selling

  I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. However, every January, I pick 20 books to read. I have done this since I started The Fusebox 20 years ago.

White Space Webinar Teaser

A teaser from our previous White Space webinar. Please register here for our December webinar 'De-Commoditise Yourself'.

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