Our Credentials

For over 25 years we have been privileged to work with some of the most forward thinking sales professionals in the IT industry – together, we have challenged the status quo to find a better way of building value for their clients.

We have condensed some key insights into short client studies to give you a flavour of what we do – some of these are below. We have many more to share, please click here and let us know which outcomes you want to know more about.


“In working with us The Fusebox certainly had some challenges to overcome in terms of complexity, timescales and requirements but they dealt with those challenges really well. I think the process itself was fascinating and very valuable… I’ll be taking away some key lessons around planning and collaboration.”

Nick Wright, Alliances Manager, Softcat
“Personally I have more purpose in my work as a sales person when I can focus on carefully selected prospects and bring genuine value to them during their buying process.”
Anu Hemmila, Sales Executive, Staria
“The Fusebox programme and the frameworks and tools it introduces are invaluable. I would encourage anyone in the business to use them… The proof is in the pudding; to win back a £4 million account in today’s market is a really fantastic achievement”
IBM Business Sector Manager (Hardware)

“Since January my average deal size has tripled.”

Business Development Manager (Storage)
“My new sales engagement approach using BUYERnomics and asking better questions has helped me to be more strategic in my thinking and as a result has put me in front of the new CIO at a major client site.”
Account Manager (Charities)
“Figure-wise we had some great growth: we grew by 146% revenue and margin was up 136%”
Account Manager (Security)

A Holistic Approach to Sales Excellence

“What differentiates The Fusebox from other providers in this area is their holistic approach to improving the sales team’s performance. It’s not just a sales methodology on how to maximise opportunities but it’s interwoven with BUYonomist.com their digital platform that allows you to capture all your customer intelligence and then report on it – you can pull it all together and further to that, take advantage of the exceptional sales coaching and mentoring skills that The Fusebox provided to each individual sales rep.

Rarely, if ever, have I come across an organisation that offers all of those three areas – The platform. The methodology. And the sales coaching. All within one brand.”

Sam Mudd, Managing Director, Phoenix Software Ltd

The Fusebox armed the entire sales team with the capabilities required to maximise the sales opportunity in each client and helped Phoenix achieve a sales increase of 27% to £118M during the 2 year Programme.

How The Fusebox sales coaching programme helped the Arrow IBM hardware team to unlock a £4million win back opportunity – utilising BUYERnomics™, GROW and BUYonomist.com

Sales coaching for success

“The Fusebox sales coaching programme and the frameworks and tools it introduces – BUYERnomics™, BUYonomist.com and GROW – are invaluable. I would encourage anyone in the business to use them, and to fully engage with the coaching programme. The proof is in the pudding; to win back a £4 million account in today’s market is a really fantastic achievement.”
John Chapman, Arrow ECS

Drive sales performance

“The dynamic, transparent tri-party business plan that both the new sales engagement process and the SMARThub provide delivered powerful differentiation for us in the marketplace.”
Mark McHale, Managing Director, Arrow ECS UK

The Fusebox developed an innovative new sales engagement process, and has continued driving adoption through a private cloud solution and sales coaching.

Recruit new partners

“The programme developed and executed by The Fusebox was highly targeted, focused and achieved high levels of response. Extremely well thought out and really well executed.”
Oracle Business Sector Manager, Arrow ECS UK

Our partner recruitment programme was designed to engage new partners and generate new revenue. It met Oracle’s targets and actually exceeded the target for new signings in the sales pipeline.

Why us?

  • We understand both the science of human behaviour and applying it to achieve H.E.A.LT.H.Y. sales.
  • We believe in proactive and preventive action – mental fitness is embedded in all our sales programmes.
  • For over two decades the most respected IT companies in Europe and the U.S. have trusted us with their clients, their sales teams and their channels.

How HEALTHY is your sales practice? 

For a free diagnostic on how your personal sales style contributes to your mental fitness, please complete the form HERE.  We will send you a link to our online BUYonomist Wellbeing Index assessment.

If you are responsible for the mental fitness of a sales team and would like to know how you measure on the BUYonomist Wellbeing Index, please contact us on info@thefusebox.com for a complimentary assessment.