A Holistic Approach to Sales Excellence

Phoenix Software specialises in end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions comprised of software licensing, hardware, SAM, EUC and IT services into corporates and the Public Sector.

When The Fusebox engaged with Phoenix it was generating revenues of £92m through a sales force of approximately 60 individuals. Whilst Phoenix had a very loyal and stable customer base it was attempting to boost sales up to £120m against intense competitive pressure from other technology providers. Phoenix Software’s ability to meet this goal was hampered by its lack of visibility of potential opportunities within each account.

‘What differentiates The Fusebox from other providers in this area is their holistic approach to improving the sales team’s performance. It’s not just a sales methodology on how to maximise opportunities but its interwoven with BUYonomist.com their digital platform that allows you to capture all your customer intelligence and then report on it – you can pull it all together and further to that, take advantage of the exceptional sales coaching and mentoring skills that The Fusebox provided to each individual sales rep.

Rarely, if ever, have I come across an organisation that offers all of those three areas – The platform. The methodology. And the sales coaching. All within one brand.’

Sam Mudd, Managing Director, Phoenix Software Ltd


Train the sales team to maximise the sales opportunity in each client.


The Fusebox recommended a blended programme that fused together a sales process, sales capabilities and its digital platform BUYonomist.com to drive sales performance as follows:

  1. We developed a profiling process for Phoenix Software and individual customer profile templates for each Sales division that accounted for the nuances of engaging with each type of client community.
  2. Each sales team was supported by a coaching led Learn as you Earn Programme that upskilled them on the sales capabilities required for maximising sales opportunities through profiling. Sales training was delivered through a series of workshops and remote coaching sessions conducted over Skype and supplemented by a rolling programme of 121 drop in tutorials and ‘lunch & learn’ sessions, and
  3. The sales teams used our profiling web tool based on our BUYonomist.com platform.

The entire Programme was underpinned by an internal communications campaign involving a quarterly Champion award that drove competition amongst the sales teams and rewarded individuals for exceptional sales performance.


  • Phoenix achieved a sales target of £118m
  • Accelerated sales cycles of as little as 2 months
  • Creation of healthy pipelines in accounts worth 100s of thousands where previously there were none
  • Cross selling in accounts that previously were a one product account
  • Reactivation of accounts that had previously fallen dormant
  • Rapid onboarding of new sales starters
  • Consistent sales engagement across the entire sales force, which meant that if team members were promoted or transferred across sales teams they could hit the ground running