The way we buy things has changed. The way we consume technology has changed. But the way we sell IT hasn’t. Our models still date back to the 1890s when John H. Patterson (NCR) introduced the first sales playbook which Thomas J. Watson (IBM) later evolved into a process.

So we struggle to meet our quarterly targets. Battle to grow our businesses. Agonise over the ongoing decline in margins as our products and services get stuck in the commoditisation tsunami.

Sales professionals are left with a choice. Continue racing towards the bottom line or acknowledge the buyer’s new power and rethink value. What it means. How to create it.

Sales success now rests on our ability to liberate ourselves from the rigidity of linear and product-centric sales approaches – from our planning, to the tactical programmes we execute, to our sales and marketing processes, to the way we develop our professionals to harness their passion and creativity to create ongoing value.

BUYERnomics™ is a dynamic framework that puts the buyer in the driving seat so that we can create value in their context. It’s an understanding that our sole purpose as the ‘next generation sales professional is to coach the buyer – from conceptualising an idea to facilitating the buying process.

“BUYERnomics™, for the first time in the relatively short history of tech, puts the buyer in the driving seat…forcing us to rethink value and how to create it.”
Lillian Ayala

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