The way we buy products and services has changed. The way we consume technology has changed. But the way we sell IT hasn’t changed all that much. 

Our sales models date back to the 1890s when John H. Patterson (NCR) introduced the first sales playbook which Thomas J. Watson (IBM) later evolved into a sales process.

And here we are. Over 100 years later using outdated sales models that are no longer fit for purpose. But in a world that is forever redefining value and requiring us to reinvent ourselves in a profession that is not always appreciated.

Whilst at the same time constantly fighting to meet our quarterly targets. Battling to grow our pipelines. Agonising over the ongoing decline in margins.

No wonder the stress creeps in. Damaging our physical and mental fitness. Undercutting our self-worth. Lowering our self-esteem.

Our solution is to stop selling. 

With BUYERnomics™.  The world’s only coaching-based sales system. Comprised of 7 practices, 21 skills, and in-built neuro tools for HEALTHY sales performance. Developed over the last 25 years, founded on neuroscientific principles, and based on thousands of hours of one to one coaching with sales directors, sales managers, account managers, business developers, strategic account directors, partner managers, and new business developers – from the Nordics, to Europe to the USA. 

BUYERnomics™ transforms sales teams into buyer-driven, H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. performers, capable of consistently delivering profitable sales without compromising mental fitness.

7 Practices for H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. Sales Performance


Create engagements founded on mutual value by building genuine human connections that seek to gain understanding and alignment with your Buyer and their ecosystem.


Achieve individual and joint outcomes by embracing a coaching approach to sales that uses your identified unique talent, intelligence (data) in context, and the application of disruptive thinking.


Achieve the desired goals from the engagement by facilitating the Buyer’s buying process, using conflict as opportunities for growth.


To yield power to the Buyer and focus on jointly navigating through the workings of all organisations involved in the engagement to help co-create a solution and drive its adoption.


Create incremental value with Buyers by becoming an instigator of creative thinking that frees up your Buyers from pre-conceived problems and solutions and links them closer to their customers and stakeholders.


Have a dialogue that is conducive to creating mutual value by approaching every interaction with the sole purpose of gaining understanding, abandoning judgement and applying empathic listening.


Consistently achieve agreed outcomes by learning to plan, organise, revisit and balance resources, skills, priorities and timescales against a goal.

“BUYERnomics™ enables us to transform our role as sales professionals, allowing us to use our individual talent to create and harness genuine human connections and to co-create solutions with inherent purpose.  To move from sales rep to BUYonomist.   To build sustainable value, that is good for the individual, the business and the world.”

Lillian Ayala

The Sales Negativity Loop

A sales negativity loop is when you are experiencing poor sales performance and begin to have negative self-appraisals which in turn lead to a loss of confidence

How HEALTHY is your sales practice? 

For a free diagnostic on how your personal sales style contributes to your mental fitness, please complete the form HERE.  We will send you a link to our online BUYonomist Wellbeing Index assessment.

If you are responsible for the mental fitness of a sales team and would like to know how you measure on the BUYonomist Wellbeing Index, please contact us on for a complimentary assessment.

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