Our Services

Every service we offer. Every solution we create. Begins and ends with the buyer – your buyer.

So we deconstruct your sales engagement and put it back together using your buyer’s perspective. It’s the reason our sales programmes are renowned for delivering short-term results and powering long-term change.

Clients engage with us in one of two ways: either to co-create a comprehensive programme that addresses a strategic sales challenge or to obtain a point solution that achieves a specific sales outcome.

Our approach is to design blended programmes incorporating different aspects of the BUYERnomics™ framework and social cognitive models to build sustainable, high value sales engagements.

Sales Planning

Embedding buyer intelligence, applying social psychology and using innovative tech tools to disrupt conventional thinking in order to drive exceptional outcomes.

Business Development

Increase your average deal size, lower acquisition costs, build a constant revenue pipeline.

Channel Development

Build new channels and develop existing ones to drive equitable value creation.

Joint Proposition Development

Shorten time to market, achieve dynamic differentiation and increase the value of your products and services.

Services Development

Build services quickly which deliver intrinsic value to your buyer, and compound value to your portfolio.

Sales Engagement

Developing buyer-driven sales engagements that blend real-world, digital and social channels to build sustainable human connections and pipelines.

Account Optimisation

Channel Enablement

New Client Acquisition

Sales Performance

Building skills and developing H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. sales professionals that are able to constantly adapt and create extraordinary value.


One to one development of sales skills in a learn-as-you-earn model.


A blended learning model to turn sales managers into sales coaches.


In-depth sessions to address specific short term sales issues requiring immediate resolution.


Bite-size, social learning to drive the evolution from a script-based approach to a buyer facilitation model.


Intensive 4 to 6 week programmes that deep dive into specific functional areas such as Virtual Sales, Building your Own Pipeline, Conflict Management, Sales Microtasking.


Bespoke sales academies designed around a social learning model, in the context of your buyer community and your sales engagement.

Our credentials

Since 1998 we have been privileged to work with some of the most brilliant sales professionals in the IT industry – together, we have challenged the status quo to find a better way of building value for their clients.

Here’s a flavour of the company we’ve kept:

How HEALTHY is your sales practice? 

For a free diagnostic on how your personal sales style contributes to your mental fitness, please complete the form HERE.  We will send you a link to our online BUYonomist Wellbeing Index assessment.

If you are responsible for the mental fitness of a sales team and would like to know how you measure on the BUYonomist Wellbeing Index, please contact us on info@thefusebox.com for a complimentary assessment.