The Fusebox recently announced that Nick Abbott has re-joined the growing team as Marketing Leader, focusing on digital and marketing communications. Nick spent several years with The Fusebox in its infancy before moving to London.  He now returns to The Fusebox with a wealth of experience in the corporate sector related to marketing, communications and project management in organisations across the UK and Australia. This experience will complement the existing team and its ambitions to pave another 20 years in the exciting and ever-evolving tech industry.

Nick is incredibly excited to be part of the Fusebox team again. The organisation that he himself declares as the catalyst to his marketing and tech career; having initiated and founded his skills and passion for marketing and technology. He comments:

I am thoroughly excited to be back in The Fusebox fold, having been a part of their network over the last 15 years; keeping an eye on how they have evolved. I am joining at an exciting time. The Fusebox has great ambitions, with new products and services launching this year, utilising its depth of technology sales and marketing knowledge, and adding its creative edge, to provide client solutions that always have a people-focus. The human element and interaction was a key decision in my re-joining; not just a tech company, not just another sales and marketing consultancy.  There is a real understanding of what drives people to buy tech.

Lillian Ayala, Chief BUYonomist and Innovation Leader of The Fusebox said “We are a very different company from the one Nick joined after he finished his studies. We have evolved into a highly skilled team of experts in fusing sales and marketing disciplines, processes and technologies to create people-driven solutions. Nick has always demonstrated a natural talent for design and all that is digital. His edge comes from an uncanny ability to develop communication assets that people are happy to consume.”

Charles Heaton, Chief BUYonomist and Client Success Leader comments “Everything Nick touches turns into something special. In the short time he’s been back with us, he has helped create tremendous value for our clients and their clients.”

About The Fusebox
The Fusebox is a sales consultancy specialising in the IT industry. We power our tech clients to sell more, profitably.

We believe passionately in buyer-driven sales – in the need to stop selling, to stop pushing product and begin facilitating the buying process.

For 20 years The Fusebox team has worked with tech clients to tackle their complex sales challenges and create both strategic and pragmatic sales programmes that deliver outcomes. We work together to innovate, to differentiate, to stay ahead of the market, to identify opportunities which no one else has seen and to capitalise on them. We push, we pull, we do the impossible, we create paths to success which are never obvious but always rewarding.

The result:  We create compound value for our clients and their clients.

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