Looking ahead, in a post-pandemic world, what does a HEALTHY sales professional do to thrive?

#1 DO LESS SO YOU CAN ACHIEVE MORE – the pandemic forced some into toxic productivity. For others, it has made us aware that we’ve been operating this way for some time. In sales, this equates to the chase. Exciting. Thrilling. But also… Constant. Relentless. It’s always been a numbers game, the bigger the pipeline, the higher the chances of meeting your targets. The higher the number of calls and meetings, the more likely you are to improve your closing rate. This year is about abandoning the status quo. Shrink your world to markets of one, and affluence will follow. Instead of chasing the world, pick your 12. Twelve people, companies, that you will seek to serve in 2022.

#2 LEARN THE VIRTUES OF VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENTS – there’s a lot of talk about the challenges of distributed working and selling in a virtual environment. We won’t be able to collaborate as well. Knowledge transfer will be a problem. Creativity and innovation will suffer. The thinking here is that bumping into each other at the office is largely what drives these things. You can’t run into your manager’s office and ask for help on a deal. You can’t lean over your desk to ask a colleague for their thoughts on a proposal or quote. But where does the customer sit in all this thinking? How does the client want to work with you? Maybe, just maybe, this is an opportunity to do all that collaboration, knowledge transfer, and innovation directly with your clients. It might not be spontaneous but it’s a lot more effective in driving sales.

#3 REMEMBER THAT VALUE IS A TWO-WAY STREET – don’t try to be all things to all people. This is closely linked to #1 above. Select the tribe you choose to serve, and that will help you serve because there is value in your relationship and the work you do together. If you can’t demonstrate how you’re serving and what value this is generating for both parties, and I mean here both purpose and profit, then walk away. Be choosy. Don’t follow the dating app mentality.

#4 SLOW IT DOWN TO SPEED IT UP – nothing good happens in an instant. And no amount of speed will help you if you are on the wrong track. Back to #1 here as well. Think about your chosen 12. Focus. Plan. Yes, plan. Use GROW – Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward. One page. One hour.

#5 MAKE YOUR SALES PROCESS AS CRITICAL AS YOUR SALES TARGET. This will give you two things: (1) Resilience, with every step you take you will have a clear understanding of what it is doing for you and your goal, and (2) Purpose, get satisfaction out of the everyday tasks that build into a valued service and clients that value YOU.

May 2022 be what you make it.

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