7 Capabilities

Most sales methodologies are:

  • Product or ‘me’ centric
  • Rigid and linear
  • Pushy

We believe these approaches are not fit for sales in today’s market as:

  • The Buyer often knows more about the product than you can ever know – don’t make it about the product
  • Selling is complex, involving multiple stakeholders, well organised competitors and unpredictable Buyers who change as their market changes. Which is constantly.
  • Buyers are sophisticated – many are trained to rebut traditional ‘product’ push approaches

BUYERnomics™ is the opposite of sales methodologies:

  • It’s Buyer-centric which means it places the Buyer at the centre of your engagement. Not your product. Or your company.
  • It’s a framework that gives you the flexibility to change as their buying process changes.
  • It’s collaborative. So, the Buyer is pulled along. You don’t need to push anything.

We have identified 7 capabilities that will help you make the shift from being a sales rep to a BUYonomist.  These 7 capabilities are constantly evolving as we review and research:

  • How other sales methodologies are evolving
  • High performance tools
  • Cutting edge techniques from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and mental health.

We welcome your feedback. What works.  What doesn’t.  Please share.