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    "The distribution business is incredibly competitive...we needed to up our game across the entire sales engagement process to maximise the potential for revenue growth and increases in margin. Arrow ECS worked with The Fusebox to achieve these goals."
    Mark McHale, UK Country Manager
    Arrow ECS, UK
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    "Over a six month period, our brand was transformed. The Fusebox showed a level of engagement and commitment that was second to none and made a significant contribution to our achievement of growing our licence revenue by 30% within 12 months."
    Piyush Parsotam, COO
    IBS, Sweden
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    “The articulation of the vision and the business plan has attracted new talent to the organisation and been well received by suppliers and customers. It’s a good story – powerful, different and attractive. We are now well positioned for growth.”
    Darren Stringer, Managing Director
    Brighter Connections, UK
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    “The Fusebox were the instigators of our new positioning, which remains relevant to this day. I believe this latest iteration of our strategy and its implementation will be a revolution. It will have a major impact on both our organisation and the market.”
    Luk Denayer, CEO
    Xylos, Belgium

Re-Inventing the way IT is Sold

We believe in the Death of the Salesman and the Rise of the BUYonomist – a Professional whose sole Purpose is to Facilitate the Buying Process.

Using BUYERnomics™ We Co-Create Bespoke Programmes with Market-Driving IT companies looking to achieve Short-Term Revenue Results with Long Lasting Effects on Sales Performance.

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