Coaching for success

Upon joining The Fusebox sales coaching programme IBM Hardware, Business Development Manager, John Chapman set himself the ambitious goal of winning back a major key account.

“I have been through The Fusebox sales coaching programme as a Business Development Manager and now I am going through it as a manager with a team.

It gives you a huge amount of confidence, it gives you a huge amount of credibility in front of a customer. You do what you want with it to drive the outcome you need. Which is in this case selling something. I found it incredibly useful. The entire team find it incredibly useful, and see success in it. The plan is to keep building on that over the next 3 to 4 months.”

Chris Alton, Business Sector Manager (IBM), Arrow ECS UK


To win back a £4 million key account from a major competitor. 


The sales coaching programme – based on the principles of BUYERnomics™ – was designed to develop the skills and capabilities of Arrow’s sales teams so they can create high value engagements and produce strong sales results. Quickly. And Profitably.

The Fusebox sales coaches engage with the sales teams on a ‘learn as you earn’ basis through a blend of team workshops, one-to-one coaching and collaborative planning sessions. All captured on, The Fusebox’s sales and marketing platform, where sales coachees can record customer’s profiles, create one-to-one value propositions, maintain account plans and set personal sales goals in online coaching diaries.


  • Arrow won back the £4 million key account from a major competitor.
  • The IBM team now engage with all partners in a consistent, structured and collaborative manner that guarantees an outcome with their clients.
  • Because each engagement is BUYer driven the value perception amongst clients has risen.
“Thanks to The Fusebox’s coaching programme, I found I was able to explore new avenues and identify inventive new ways to tackle this particular challenge. By using GROW I realised that there was an amazing and rather co-incidental opportunity to bring together key individuals and the CEO of the key account at a conference in Las Vegas. This really was a turning point. Without GROW this natural coincidence would not have come to light.”
John Chapman, IBM Hardware Business Development Manager, Arrow ECS UK