Transformation from products to services

Brighter Connections is an I.T. Practice which bridges the gap between traditional product resellers and expensive ‘consultancy only’ organisations. The company’s ultimate objective is to help its clients transform I.T. from a cost centre into a profit engine.  

Whilst the company had been growing steadily, by 2011 it was clear the market was in a state of flux. There was increased competition and like all IT resellers Brighter Connections was struggling with the impact of Cloud computing and services on the traditional VAR model.   The management team recognised the need for change and decided to confront the emerging services-focused market head-on “while we were flying”.

“The team challenged our thinking in a professional and respectful way; they brought structure to the transformation process through BUYERnomics™”.
Darren Stringer, Managing Director, Brighter Connections


Brighter Connections engaged The Fusebox to develop a strategy to transform the business from a traditional VAR to a services-oriented business, to enable it to win opportunities in cloud-based services.


The Fusebox team worked with the Brighter Connections executive team to craft a new business strategy, encompassing an overall re-positioning of Brighter Connections within the cloud-based services market.  The Fusebox team provided expertise in the development of strategic and operational plans around the products and services portfolio; more intelligent client segmentation; elevated sales and marketing; recruitment and people development.


  • Increased profit margins through selling and delivering cloud-based solutions
  • Switched from providing quotes to providing solutions-led business proposals
  • Winning more services led business
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and building valuable long term relationships
  • More powerful brand and business proposition
  • Business is well positioned for growth, with a strong positioning in a challenging economic market
“The role The Fusebox played in achieving buy-in within the Brighter Connections team cannot be underestimated. Industry and transformation expertise was complemented by the strong coaching methods deployed throughout the process, providing both healthy challenges and support to the executive team”.
Darren Stringer, Managing Director, Brighter Connections