Recruit new partners

The Fusebox worked with the Oracle Account team at Arrow ECS to create a new Partner Recruitment programme for Oracle Engineered Systems.

In the past, the business had tried other recruitment programmes using telesales and e-shots without much success. The Oracle account team turned to The Fusebox team because they needed a fresh, new approach that would yield instant, tangible results.


To engage with new partners within three months of the start of the programme, and begin generating revenue from those partners within five months of engagement.


Using SMARTrecruit, The Fusebox identified Oracle’s ideal partner community and then conducted further segmentation to build a Target Account List (TAL) for the programme.

Each company on the TAL was then profiled in the context of the offering in order to create individual company value propositions in order to achieve dynamic differentiation through one-to-one engagements.


As a direct result of the programme, the overall goal has been achieved with new partners on board, and the bonus of exceeding the goal set with new signings in the pipeline.

Lillian Ayala, CEO of The Fusebox summarised the programme: “The Oracle team at Arrow ECS tasked us with creating an intelligent, highly targeted recruitment programme, so we really needed to drill down to understand the message in order to personalise the value proposition for each partner. The feedback from all parties has been extremely positive and we are all delighted with the level of success in such a short space of time”.

“The whole programme was highly targeted, focused and achieved high levels of response. It was extremely well thought out from start to finish and really well executed.”
Oracle Business Sector Manager, Arrow ECS UK