Intelligence in context

It’s not about data.  Nowadays we all have the means to get the data.  It’s about context.  About making the most with the limited time available to the sales professional today.

Intelligence you need, when you need it

It’s about getting the intelligence you need at the time you need it and in the context of both your offering and the way your clients want to engage.  No wasted time trawling through irrelevant information.  Instead spend the time thinking about your proposition to a particular individual in a particular company.

Your personal sales analyst

B-relevant is your personal sales analyst.  Yes, an actual human being.  Aided by great technology, but applying the art of sales opportunity creation that a computer is not yet capable of replicating.

Better engagement through intelligence

The B-relevant managed service helps you identify your ideal client, builds your target account list and provides you with exactly the intelligence you need to engage, no more, no less. For existing accounts, it shifts the focus for Account Managers from finding opportunities to creating them.

From £0 to £800k in 12 months in one account
From 10 meetings per quarter to 26 meetings in 3 months
From £98k/month to £216k/month in 12 months
From no pipeline to 6 prospects in 3 months (average deal size £30k)

Discover the features
of B-relevant

Our intelligence as a service package includes:

Define your ideal client

Using Buyer Community Blueprint we map the features of your product and/or service to your buyer’s value map. The outcome is the ideal client criteria.

Build your target account list

Using Buyer Community Mapping, we hand pick companies that meet your ideal client criteria and are predisposed to your value proposition. The outcome is your personal target account list.

Profile your target account list

Using our Bespoke Profiling Service we build and deliver individualised ideal client profiles, including specific recommendations for areas where sales opportunities can be created.

    Other B-range services:

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