Optimise the channel

How do we speed up getting new logos from our partners?
How do we identify the right partners for our business?
How do we help them grow their businesses whilst meeting our own strategic needs?
How do we get our partners to sell more products and services from our portfolio?
How do we up-skill our partners’ sales organisations and ensure we get the ROI?

IT channel transformation is in full flow.  New entrants have created entirely new models and existing resellers are re-inventing old models.  The distinction between products and services is blurring.  So are the lines between vendor, distributor and services provider.

Our channel development programmes re-envision the traditional vendor driven approach that places the product or service at the heart of any partner programme. Instead we encourage our clients to plan and organise their channel strategy, recruitment and enablement  around the needs of their end users, or, what we refer to as their “Buyer Ecosystem.”  This allows for better alignment along the supply chain and a more consistent sales performance from the channel.

“Our partner landscape is now completely unrecognisable from how it looked before we engaged on this programme. From a business point of view, we are now very established in the market and are way ahead of our competitors. We have a much better understanding of these different partner organisations, and as a result, we have strong value propositions, which has delivered excellent results for us as well as new opportunities for partner organisations.”
Frances Davies, Head of Marketing, Arrow

Our Services

Clients can engage with us in a variety of ways. From short term impactful interventions, to managed services or comprehensive tailored programmes to tackle strategic sales challenges.  How your particular programme is both developed and delivered depends entirely upon your business, your challenges, your buyer – in short it depends on your context.

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  • We eat, sleep and breathe IT sales
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