Lillian Ayala

Chief BUYonomist

An adopted Yorkshire Rican (a Puerto Rican living in Yorkshire, England), Lillian is the founder of The Fusebox and our Chief BUYonomist.

Her early career was spent on Madison Avenue where she implemented sales and marketing strategies for Fortune 100 companies. During this period she became increasingly interested in the science of buying behaviour and the impact of social cognition on the sales process.

In the late ’90s she founded The Fusebox and continued to apply her buyer-driven thinking but now with a specific focus on helping leading European and American tech companies achieve differentiation and drive growth. More recently her attention has turned to building profitable, sustainable, socially conscious sales organisations that are able to deliver growth without compromising mental fitness.

This approach is called BUYERnomics™ and her great passion continues to be around driving human potential.

Lillian currently divides her time between evangelising BUYERnomics™ through client projects and completing her MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health. She is also writing her first book which will offer a practical road map to all tech companies on how they can develop a H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. sales function.

Please contact Lillian today to find out how The Fusebox team can help drive your sales outcomes whilst embedding preventive mental fitness into the DNA of your sales organisation.

What I strive for

To remain open minded and always learning so that I can help people find joy and purpose in their jobs.

What makes me tick

  • Great books
  • Outrageous food
  • Provoking films
  • Yoga

I devote myself to

My family, and helping people maintain mental fitness.