Charles Heaton

Chief BUYonomist

Charles started his career as a commercial Real Estate lawyer in New York City. He often comments on how well that time prepared him for what is currently happening to the Tech industry. It was the early 90’s in Manhattan. Back then it was all about competition, specialisation and creating value. Those lessons have served him well.

When he returned to the UK, Charles had the opportunity to apply all he learned in NYC initially with, HEI, an IT product business he jointly founded and subsequently sold. More recently, as Chief Buyonomist with The Fusebox, where, using BUYERnomics™, Charles enables his clients to transform their sales and marketing processes.

Aside from being an evangelist for BUYERnomics™, his expertise lies in the process and people elements to create differentiation and drive value creation. He brings to life all the solutions that The Fusebox create for clients – working with many talented tech professionals around driving adoption of The Fusebox’s buyer-driven processes.

Please contact Charles today to find out how The Fusebox team can help drive your sales outcomes. Email:

What I strive for

Strong and equitable relationships – with our team, our clients and our partners.

What makes me tick

  • Yoga
  • Writing – every day
  • Family
  • Friends

I devote myself to

Debunking the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – it’s a fatal approach in the current marketplace.