Build new services

How do I create high value services out of the products I sell?
How do I go to market quicker and with less risk?
How do I build subscription-based services?
How do I co-create services with my clients to develop new revenue streams?
How do I transform into a Cloud Services Provider with minimal impact to my run rate business?

Innovation is the lifeblood of the IT industry. The speed at which the industry is able to innovate has always been formidable. Now the speed at which our clients consume our innovations and innovate themselves has caught up.

Stopping the commoditisation of technology products and of our professional services in the context of cloud computing has become an imperative for our clients – be it an ISV transitioning into a SaaS model, a cloud-born vendor looking to shift from volume to value + volume, a VAR looking to develop cloud-based services with supporting professional services or an IT Services provider looking to systematically co-create products and services with their clients.

BUYERnomics™ provides a framework through which buyer-driven services are designed containing innate value and the ability to sell themselves.

“Through implementing its transformation strategy and operational plans, Brighter Connections has seen quantifiable improvements in its key performance indicators. The business has increasingly moved from providing quotes, to providing solutions-led business proposals. It’s winning more services-led business and the professional services organisation is making a positive contribution, resulting in an increase in gross profit margins whilst maintaining and enhancing client satisfaction.”
Darren Stringer, Managing Director, Brighter Connections

Our Services

 Our clients can engage with us in a variety of ways. From short term impactful interventions, to managed services or comprehensive tailored programmes to tackle strategic sales challenges.  How your particular programme is both developed and delivered depends entirely upon your business, your challenges, your buyer – in short it depends on your context.

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  • We eat, sleep and breathe IT sales
  • We build compound value not one offs
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