Liz Hines

Associate BUYonomist

Liz Hines is an Associate BUYonomist at The Fusebox. Her career has taken her from one of the best creative hot houses outside London in the ’80s, into the world of coaching and mentoring through to sales and marketing in Tech.

Her fascination with people combined with an insane curiosity to understand human behaviour at every level has been a constant throughout.

Liz blends her creative, marketing and people skills with coaching techniques to enable tech clients to place their buyer at the centre of their engagement – The Fusebox calls it BUYERnomics™.

Please contact Liz today to find out how The Fusebox team can help drive your sales outcomes. Email:

What I strive for

The ability to look back and never regret a single second.

What makes me tick

  • Laughter
  • The great outdoors
  • Friends and family

What I devote myself to

Staying true to my values and beliefs.